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At The Family Chemist we understand children with illnesses can be distressing for both the parents and the child. We aim to take the stress away and would like to offer common treatments for your children. Please browse our treatment options below and feel free to call our pharmacy for some advice.
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Giving medication to children can sometimes be complicated. If you are ever unsure always speak to your doctor or pharmacist before giving them to your child.  There are a number of key points you can check to ensure medicine is given to your child safely.

  • Follow instructions. Read all medicine labels or patient information leaflet
  • The name and purpose of the medicine
  • Always ensure the correct dose is given (always read the label)
  • Give medicine at the correct times your supposed to
  • Always look out for any special instructions e.g., give before or after food
  • Keep medication out of reach and out of sight for children
  • Safely dispose all unused medication
  • If a child becomes unwell, develops a rash or has an allergic reaction call your doctor or seek immediate medical care.


It’s a parents responsibility to ensure children have a healthy start in life. Parents should ensure children are receiving sufficient nutrients needed for their growth. Here are a few tips to build strong bones in children.

  • Encourage a child to exercise more frequently
  • Good source of calcium, this can be found in cheese, beans, green vegetables and yoghurt
  • Good source of Vitamin D, this can be found salmon, tuna and eggs
  • Daily vitamins or supplements


Before children it was probably easier when going out all you had to worry about was picking up a phone, wallet and keys before leaving the house. Now your baby needs a whole changing bag. Here is a guide on what to pack.


  • Changing mat
  • Nappy sacks
  • Cotton wool/ Wipes
  • Nappy Rash Cream e.g. Bepanthen
  • Nappies
  • Change of clothes for baby
  • Breast milk or Formula milk
  • Sterilised bottles
  • Medication e.g. Calpol or Nurofen 
  • Comforter/Toy
  • Muslins
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