Acid Reflux

Your gastrointestinal tract produces acid in the stomach to kill off the bacteria or viruses. Sometimes the acid can reflux into your food pipe and cause an uncomfortable burning sensation in the chest. About 40% of the adult population have reflux symptoms each year. Don’t worry, we at the Family Chemist can treat your acid reflux quickly and efficiently at competitive prices.


Prices from £14.99

Most commonly prescribed easy to swallow acid reflux treatment

Losec MUPs

Prices from £28.99

Branded version of Omeprazole.


Prices from £14.99

Most commonly prescribed easy to swallow acid reflux treatment

Zoton FasTab

Prices from £14.99

Disperses in your mouth for quicker and faster acting results.


Prices from £15.99

Cheaper alternative to Nexium with the same results!


Prices from £34.99

Take Nexium and you could be protected from heartburn within 24 hours, so you can get on with your life.


Prices from £14.99

Alternative treatment to try if the others don’t suit you.
Proton pump inhibitors (PPI) are clinically proven treatments which help reduce acid in the stomach. These prescribed medications are far more superior than the general over the counter medications. At the Family Chemist we recognise that one PPI may not be suitable so we offer a wide range of PPIs to help you find the one that is most effective. We offer both branded and cost-effective generic medication to help you overcome acid reflux.
Alongside medication it is important to take on lifestyle measures to improve symptoms. These include losing weight if overweight or obese. You will have to avoid any trigger foods such as coffee, chocolates, fatty or spicy foods. It is recommended to eat a smaller meal and eat evening meals 3-4 hours before going to bed, stop smoking and reduce alcohol consumption.

Make sure you read the patient information leaflet carefully as there may be hints and tips on how to use your medication correctly or feel free to call us for some advice. However, there can be occasions where the treatments don’t work, suit you or you develop new or worsening symptoms. In this case we recommend you contact your GP at your earliest opportunity for further advice.

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